Triangle of Sadness

This awful film won this year’s Palme d’Or. The voters must have been drinking heavily with Director Ruben Östlund.

Triangle of Sadness

The film takes place in 3 parts meant to mock the super-rich of the world. The first part has some funny moments as you watch dating models end up in an argument over dinner. Carl (Harris Dickinson) can’t believe that Yaya (Charlbi Dean) won’t pay the bill after promising to do so. Been there, done that!

Unfortunately, the film gets progressively worse as you watch Part 2. Our couple are guests on a yacht for the wealthy. They all have made their fortunes in businesses ranging from fertilizer to grenades. Though they try to be funny you quickly dislike all of them.

At the drunken ship’s captain’s dinner for passengers, a storm hits the boat that results in an extended scene of many of them puking. The only thing that will keep you from vomiting is that at least it helps you forget the regrettable performance of Woody Harrelson as the inebriated captain.

However, watching it in the evening at home forced me to turn off the film before Part 3 reached its 2-hour, 20-minute conclusion. After the ship sank, a few of the survivors made it to an island. None of the wealthy know how to fish or make a fire, so the leader becomes a ship worker (Dolly de Leon).

The point of the film is the reversal of roles on the island. A toilet cleaner boat employee who lived below deck now has the rich survivors groveling at her feet. At that point, I had endured all I could take and went to bed.

You are warned.