Commentary on Women’s Rights

Women in our country stand on the edge of being treated like second class citizens. As reflected by the number of professional football, basketball and baseball male players who treat their bodies to be their own when they refuse vaccines, women are denied that same dignity.

Like it or not, women are being told that their bodies belong to our Republican Political leaders. They want women back in the kitchen, with no voice, and be expected to give birth even if they have been violated.

A decision to terminate a pregnancy should be a woman’s choice, end of story. Yet, Republican politicians in Indiana and elsewhere want women to bow at the foot of their political altar and embrace our past. Remember in the 18th and 19th centuries how marriage would be followed by the deaths of many women who had multiple births only to have the husbands remarry and start a new family?

Women need to unite and take a stand at the ballot box, as they just did in Kansas. Whether these political lightweights are Republicans or Democrats is irrelevant.

A place for all women is best represented by the following sign I saw displayed in a residential yard.

It’s time to join the resistance, ladies. Let’s hold out Kansas as an example.