Commentary on the January 6th Investigation

I fear for our country. Democracy sits on the edge of destruction and millions of Americans don’t seem to care.

House January 6 Committee

It has been proven that Donald Trump led an attempted coup to overthrow our government, despite lacking any evidence to support his claim that the election was stolen. His group of right-wing thugs tried to steal it for him.

Yet the response of many Americans is to bury their head in the sand. FOX News has become their version of the Holy Grail. They are urged to support Trump and his republican apologists, despite their clear attempt to render our electoral process meaningless.

If Trump had succeeded on January 6th, we would be living in a dictatorship. We would be asked to cheer Mussolini not Lincoln. Tragically, they still seek to create an autocracy by destroying the election process state by state.

As I write this commentary I’m confined to home for a few days as I recover from Covid. I’ll recover, but will our country? We have to take a stand before it is too late.