Father of the Bride

A fun little remake of 2 old films with a Hispanic flavor on HBO Max.

Father of the Bride

The original Bride film was released in 1950. Spencer Tracy, who played the father, was probably delighted that he wasn’t forced to do any sequels. His daughter, played by 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor, later married 7 times in real life and he would have been a busy man.

Yet keep in mind that this movie is far better than the one released in 1991 starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. Here, Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan are a troubled, married couple ready to announce their divorce decision to their two daughters at dinner.

The trouble was that one of them, Sofia (Adria Arsona), is a lawyer who is coming home with her fiancé (Diego Boneta) to spring news of their engagement. Trouble ensues.

Garcia’s dad is a Cuban-American architect who went from poverty to financial success. In the process he has become arrogant and dictatorial to family and friends alike.

The movie’s strength flows from the performances of Mr. Garcia and Ms. Estefan. They overcome disaster and everyone benefits. That includes the movie audience.

The movie is in both English and Spanish. However, you are likely to enjoy it as it flows to a wonderful conclusion.