Review of the Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie along with “Blowin’ Up”

Magic awaits Indy movie fans at the Kan-Kan and attached restaurant. On top of that, Blowin’ Up is a memorable documentary.

Blowin Up

Located at 1258 Windsor Street on the near east side of Indianapolis, the Kan-Kan Theatre is set to open at the end of August. A three screen arthouse cinema, it was founded by Tom Battista, Sam Sutphin and Louise Henderson. It will operate as an independent movie theatre that will serve as a base to use film as tools for education, connection, community collaboration as well as entertainment. And, it has an attached restaurant that will reward all of you with culinary tastes.

Monica and I had the pleasure of joining Ms. Henderson and her husband to watch the documentary Blown’ Up at the Kan-Kan. The film takes you inside a human trafficking intervention courtroom in Queens, New York. In the process, you watch a team of female rebels, which includes Judge Toko Serita, who work to change the way prostitutes are prosecuted.

Rather than seek convictions of the accused, many of whom are undocumented immigrants, prosecutors join forces with counselors to run behavior programs that will result in the dismissal of sealed court documents. In the process, you will never admire anyone in film more than Eliza Hook, a social worker who fiercely puts her clients above all else.

The downside of the film is that it ends with the election of Donald Trump. Enforcing his anti-immigration policy, your heart breaks as you watch ICE agents raid the Courtroom while arresting some of the defendants. Some disappear into a deportation sinkhole where they lose contact with their counselors and lawyers.

Trump brought disgrace to our country on many levels, and he arrogantly gave an ugly interpretation to Vanilla Ice’s song, “Ice, Ice Baby“.