Werewolves Within

An innovative, vulgar, satirical movie that will amuse nearly all of you.

Werewolves Within

Please don’t run away from this film because you dislike horror movies. More to the point, it feels like you are watching a group of confined Trump/Biden supporters whose animosity can’t be controlled even as a few of them are consumed.

Imagine a small western town where the residents are faced with a proposed pipeline that will destroy a section of a local forest. As the argument becomes both heated and hateful that divides the town folk, the owner (a memorable Catherine Curtin) of a local Inn’s missing husband is found dead and half eaten.

The group is forced to stay in the Inn to try and figure out what in the hell is going on. A newly arrived forest ranger (Sam Richardson) and a postal worker (Milana Vayntrub) join forces to try and keep the peace, but don’t expect the Trump people to believe the election was fair. Know what I mean?

In the process, the dialogue is both profane and very funny. In particular, a male gay couple are widely amusing as they face a conservative community now threatened by a werewolf lurking in the shadows.

The title of the film points you in the right direction concerning the identity of the creature treating the Inn dwellers as appetizers. In the process, this movie resembles watching an off-Broadway play that leaves you walking out thinking, “This play deserves more attention.”

So, go see it. You cynics will likely mumble, “Who in the hell would think that I would like a werewolf movie!”