The Truffle Hunters

If you are 70 or older, you will love this film.

The Truffle Hunters

Taking place in the woods surrounding Piedmont, Italy, this documentary follows the lives of 70- and 80-year-old men who hunt for the rate White Alba truffle with their loyal dogs. Most live alone as they interact with the public only when necessary.

These hunters are a vanishing human breed. Given that Alba truffles are wildly expensive and defy cultivation, wealthy competitors make their lives increasingly difficult through deforestation and planting poisonous food to kill their dogs. And few young people find joy by following in their footsteps.

Yet, you aging movie fans will find pleasure in their simplistic existence. I saw this tiny film with my friend, Belle Choate. We both laughed as we watched an 85-year-old hunter contemplate life after death as he talked to a priest. As he asked the priest if he thought God would let him again hunt truffles with his beloved dog, Belle and I thought that few lawyers would make a similar request!

This movie won’t be for everyone, but as one critic noted, these old hunters found a secret to a rich and meaningful life.