Promising Young Woman

Woman may have the right to vote, but how do rape victims seek accountability if our justice system turns a blind eye?

Promising Young Woman

With her directorial debut, Emerald Lilly Fennell brings to the big screen a dazzling film that will leave most of you feeling like you volunteered to have an electroshock treatment.  Never will you see vengeance played out in such a heart-breaking manner.

Giving nothing away, the talented Carey Mulligan plays Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas, a seemingly bored 30 year-old medical school dropout living with her parents.  Working in a coffee shop, she has no friends or social interests.

However, she does have a hobby, namely, to haunt bars where she fakes intoxication only to aggressively confront men who take her to their pad with sexual intentions.  When one of them states that he feels a connection to her, Cassie responds, “A connection? Okay, what do I do for a living? How old am I? How long have I lived in the city? What are my hobbies? What’s my name?”

But Cassie is motivated by other dangerous goals.  She seeks vengeance on both a med student who raped her best friend in school and the adults, both men and women, who covered up the attack.

Ms. Mulligan gives an Oscar worthy performance that mirrors her roles in such memorable films as Never Let Me Go (2010), The Great Gatsby (2013), Suffragette (2015) and Mudbound (2017) to name a few.  Her makeup ranges from smeared lips as a drunk to provocative attire as a prostitute dancer at a bachelor party.

The film is helped by a number of supportive performances ranging from Bo Burnham as a doctor with a hidden past who sought to be her boyfriend to Laverne Cox as the hysterical owner of the coffee shop who was one of the few human beings who likes Cassie.  Alfred Molina, Connie Britton, Alison Brie and Chris Lowell also hold your attention at every turn.

This powerful movie has a great soundtrack that captures an ending that will leave you murmuring “Oh my god!”  Think of Ms. Mullican turning “Dirty Harry” into a female “Dirty Cassie“.