Morning Glory

Not the best movie released in 2010, but it has its enjoyable moments.  Hell, I had a tear in my good eye in the end.

Morning Glory, directed by Roger Mitchel, has a cast that gives an average story some needed energy.  Good grief, how can you not stay modestly intrigued by a movie starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum?

In a short summary, Ms. McAdams plays Becky Fuller, a single woman hired as a producer to save a low rated national morning news program.  Her first job to hire a male co-host with the lightweight Colleen Peck, a former Arizona Beauty Queen. Thank God that Diane Keaton breathes some life into a character better to be seen on screen than off.

The movie finds its pulse when legendary Anchorman Mike Pomeroy finds himself contractually bound to take a job he despises. Described as the third most unlikable man alive on earth, he is both sinister and rude whether or not the camera is running.

Harrison Ford was perfect for this role, and you will never find a character more lovingly hateful.  McAdams’ Fuller struggles to find his heart, but it does not seem to exist.

Faced with cancellation by the acerbic TV honcho played by Goldblum, McAdams discovers the strength on morning TV by arranging for the weatherman to be filmed in stunts ranging from a ride on a dangerous roller coaster to sky diving with an expert. This provided comic relief that saved both the TV show and the movie itself.

The movie’s ending had an emotional impact that brought a tear to my eye as noted.  But hell, I cry easily.