Let Him Go

Kevin Costner’s most forgettable film.

From a movie standpoint, I don’t know which film was worse, Russell Crowe in Unhinged or Costner in this mess.  It is not an exaggeration to say that BooBoo Stewart, playing an Indian living alone in North Dakota, is the only likeable character in the entire film.

I could outline the plot, but why bore you.  Let’s just say that Costner and his wife’s (Diane Lane) son suddenly dies, causing their daughter-in-law to remarry and move unannounced with her young son from Montana to North Dakota. Turns out her new family, known as the Weboys, are a brutal bunch of thugs led by a sinister matriarch (Lesley Manville) that makes Hitler look lovable.

In any event, the story borders on the absurd as Costner, a retired sheriff, and Lane hit the road to rescue their grandson. The story is idiotic from beginning to end, most notably because they plan to literally steal the child from his mother.

It never comes close to making sense, so let it die peacefully. And if you need to see our two stars play husband and wife, then go see their role as Superman’s parents in Man of Steel (2013).

I forgive you, brother Costner.  After all, two of my favorite films are Field of Dreams (1989) and Dances With Wolves (1990).