The New Mutants

The New MutantsThough many of you still reject going to the movie theatres for good reasons, I decided to use an abundance of caution and take my chances. Then again, a great joke I heard may prove to have meaning. “Did you hear that Hammerle died?” The response, “That’s terrible, what theatre was he in?”

So off I went to see The New Mutants in the museum IMAX in downtown Indy. To begin with, the movie was terrible despite the courage to focus on a lesbian relationship of two mutants played with some meaning by Blu Hunt and Maisie Williams. Yet the bottom line is that a better title of the film would have been The Last Mutants.

On top of that, I was the only person in the large museum theatre. As I laughed at my isolation, the only thing that I would have preferred was to be the sole misguided soul to attend a Trump rally! At least I could have heckled him!

Let me confess that while I have seen all of the X-Men movies, they have run off the rails and lost their spunk. The last great mutant file was Logan (2017) where both Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) died in heartbreaking fashion.

Ironically, the young Dafne Keen was tremendous in Logan as a female carbon copy of Wolverine. It contributed to the lackluster story in the new mutant film that she was not included in the young cast. Her energy and talent may have at least made the movie watchable.