The Lion King Revisited

Given what has just happened in El Paso, permit me to revisit a paragraph that I included in my original review. Looks like Trump’s hyenas have attacked, doesn’t it?

“Quite frankly, the story of young Simba being ordered out of his kingdom as he was falsely accused of killing his father by the villainous Scar reminded me of what was going on in our country at this very moment. Our President’s actions in rallying support for his call to send four black congresswomen “back to their country” is no different than the actions of the villainous Scar. Equally important, Scar rallied the support of the ravenous hyenas to feast upon antelopes in the same fashion that our President reawakens the American zombie known as racism as he demonizes immigrants who are just looking for a way to lead a better life.”


Robert W. Hammerle