Hammerle Will Be Off the Grid

I know this will be a profound disappointment for most of you, but I’m going to be out of commission concerning movie reviews from August 31 through September 12. The good news is that Mo and I will be on a cruise to Alaska, so I must admit that I am quite excited.

To begin with, we have never been to Alaska, so this is likely to be a great adventure from beginning to end.  I talked to some friends who have made this trip before and the memories still bring a smile to their faces.  Additionally, we will be taking Seabourn Cruises, an organization that previously took us through the Greek Islands and down the coast of Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand.  They provide multiple tour options when they dock, and I anticipate that each day will be like walking into a real-life version of Disney’s Fantasy Land.

Though there are likely to be some theaters available during this trip, this is one time where they are likely to play second fiddle when it comes to selecting an entertainment option.  I suspect that bears, salmon, sea lions, whales and glaciers will take top priority.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, and think of me when you start singing “North to Alaska, going north the rush is on.”