The Disaster Artist

If there was a more pathetic movie released in this past year, I haven’t seen it.

The Disaster ArtistLet me get right to the point with The Disaster Artist. Widely praised by a number of critics across the nation, it is appropriately named given that it is a disaster by any definition.

Directed and starring James Franco, it is a recreation of The Room, strongly considered one of the worst movies ever made. I saw it with my 19-year-old grandson, and I can only quote his comments upon leaving, “How can you hope to make a good movie that recreates an awful one by any definition?”

The Room has maintained some national recognition by playing at midnight in various theaters. Given that no theater distributor would dare risk showing it at a weekend matinee, why waste your time hoping that this film is any better? At least you can have the satisfaction of drinking heavily before a midnight showing.

As noted, James Franco impersonates Tommy Wiseau, the “actor” who played the lead role of Johnny in the original film. While his character is supposed to display some artistic significance, he is an utter bore from beginning to end. The film is as insulting as it is devoid of humor, and all of the Golden Globe voters should be given a drug test after awarding Mr. Franco it’s award for a lead actor in a comedy.