Commentary on Racial Discrimination in Indiana

There is now clear proof that Donald Trump was right. Voter fraud was taking place in the past presidential election, and it was being manipulated by the Republican Party here in Indiana.

In the Indianapolis Star’s article entitled “Data show access barrier to State polls”, it is undeniable that the Indiana GOP intentionally discriminated against Marion County voters while expanding voter access in Hamilton County, a Republican stronghold. While also expanding early voting stations in Hamilton, Boone, Johnson and Hendricks County, those same stations were reduced from three to one in Marion County. On top of that, free parking was provided in most of those counties, while Marion County required payment for the privilege of early voting.

What is worse is that this was racial discrimination, pure and simple. Coming on the heels of the devastating historical film Detroit, not to mention the force displayed by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, Marion County Republican Chairman Jim Merrit and congressional leaders David Long and Brian Bosma should be ashamed.

It is shocking that in 2016 the Republican party would embrace racial discrimination as a method to lower the vote in Marion County. Put another way, is their definition of democracy nothing more than reducing access to the voting booth for black Americans?