Beatriz at Dinner

By the end of this miserable film, you are left wondering if you should have joined Beatriz as she contemplates drowning at sea.

Beatriz at DinnerUnfortunately, Beatriz at Dinner breaks down at about the same time as Beatriz’ car. Played by Salma Hayek, this is a movie about a dedicated holistic masseuse who gets invited to a dinner party that will quickly become more tedious for you than it does for her.

Beatriz, who also works at a cancer treatment center where she tries to provide some relief to various patients, travels to the wealthy home of Cathy, an affectionate client and friend. The house is located on the California coast in Newport Beach. When her car won’t start as she tries to leave, Cathy (Connie Britton) asks her to stay for a dinner where other acquaintances will soon arrive. It was a generous offer that both Cathy and Beatriz will soon regret.

The principal guest is a wealthy developer played with disgusting arrogance by the talented John Lithgow. Everyone at the dinner fawns over him as he discusses the immense fortune they are all making by destroying the landscape in various areas, including Mexico, to build exclusive developments.

Beatriz is horrified, particularly when Lithgow shows pictures of a rhinoceros that he shot while on a hunting trip to South Africa. Beatriz is a fervent animal lover, which includes raising dogs and a lamb in her small home. From that moment on you know where this movie is heading.

Despite the fact that Beatriz is a guest, she insists on challenging Lithgow and others to defend their single aspiration in life, namely to make money. Beatriz’ hostess soon becomes profoundly embarrassed, and you are left disliking everyone.

The only thing this movie proves is why most residents of Newport Beach are conservative Republicans.