Commentary on Right-Wing Radio

Quite frankly, I don’t know what is more appalling. Is it President Trump’s constant stream of misinformation – or should I say lies – or his defense around the clock by right-wing radio? In both cases, it is the functional equivalent of a vocal parade of human debris.

Am I dreaming or did the last presidential election contain constant accusations from Mr. Trump and his radio trolls to have Hillary Clinton locked up because she was a crook? Those accusations occurred around the clock, and they were based on nothing but guesswork and supposition.

However, isn’t it revealing that the President and his allies now reject all accusations of wrongdoing as coming from the enemy of the people, namely the press? While accusations were treated as truth when made against Mrs. Clinton, we are now supposed to reject the FBI’s investigation of Mr. Trump’s campaign ties to the Russians as meaningless.

As for our President, I sense we are living through the beginning of the Watergate investigation. That was denied by President Nixon and his associates with the same venom unleashed by Mr. Trump, and we all know what happened. I have a strong feeling that Mr. Trump will soon invoke the memorable words of President Nixon, “I am not a crook.”

Yet, I am sure that others share my disgust with what we have to endure over 12 hours of every day with the parade of right-wing spokesmen who are heard here in Indianapolis on WIBC. It begins at 6:00 in the morning with Tony Katz, a loudmouth, posturing lightweight who spent months declaring Mrs. Clinton to be a crook while now defending President Trump. I force myself to listen to him a few minutes when I am on the road, and I am left quickly turning him off as I shake my head in disgust.

But right-wing commentators follow him right down to the glorious Chicks on the Right late in the afternoon. These two dimwits visit Indianapolis each day from their cozy homes in Hamilton County, and they are little more than two self-anointed ideological queens preaching the Republican conservative creed.

While I listen to many Republican conservatives criticize the national press, they conveniently overlook the fact that cities like Indianapolis are inundated each day with a right-wing web spun by a group of pompous conservatives who preach a political mantra that considers any thought of compromise as treason. It remains stunning that local radio stations like WIBC unleash this appalling group of one-dimensional sycophants on the general public.

Sadly, if you listen to all of these individuals, you will hear them continually sing the praises of advertisers who buy space on their programs. They sell their verbal poison for one reason, and that is to allow their advertisers to profit handsomely.

You can listen to them if you want, but I will leave you with this suggestion. I have proposed to WIBC that they allow me to broadcast each day after the Chicks on the Right, using the name, Dicks on the Left.  What do you think?