Late Change in Oscar Picks for 2017

My, my, my, who would have thought that I made a mistake with my recent Oscar picks for this year. To begin with, I mistakenly selected Fantastic Beasts and Where You Find Them as the winner in the Best Visual Effects category. While I still think it would be a deserving winner, I overlooked the fact that it was not nominated!

While I am asking all of you to forgive my error, I would like to select Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as the winner in this category. That film had many great moments, and the visual effects provided the glue that held this magnificent film together through a heartbreaking ending.

Finally, though I have already told you that I selected I Am Not Your Negro as the Best Documentary Feature, I failed to note that I originally picked 13th in my column that appeared in the Indiana Lawyer. Unfortunately, I was forced to make that pick before I was able to see I Am Not Your Negro on the big screen, so I just wanted to explain my eventual selection given that it conflicts with an earlier pick.

Enjoy the Oscars, and see you at the movies.