Follow-Up on Reviews of Sing and Hidden Figures

Given the fact that we are leaving tomorrow with my two grandchildren for a snowmobiling trip to Yellowstone, I was a little bit hasty in sending out my reviews of Sing and Hidden Figures. I want to apologize, but there were a couple things that I failed to mention.

Let’s start with Sing. When I began the review with referring to 2016 as the greatest year ever for animated films, I left out reference to both Finding Dory and Moana. More to the point, imagine going on a long road trip with your children where you were able to take these seven animated films to be viewed by your kids. Good grief, that may result in one of the most wonderful road trips your family ever experienced!

As for Hidden Figures, I noted that Janelle Monae also appeared in this year’s highly acclaimed Moonlight. Quite frankly, so did Mahershala Ali, who in Hidden Figures played the suitor of Ms. Henson’s character. That omission was all the more dramatic given the fact that Mr. Ali is a strong favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in February.

I also stupidly failed to note the daring performance of Kirsten Dunst. She departed from her normal roles, here playing the team leader of the black employees, a woman viewing prejudice as nothing more than a law that needed to be quietly honored. You didn’t like her character, but she held your attention in every scene.