There is a limited reason why teenage boys are useful companions in public.

WarcraftOnce again, my new Saudi foreign exchange student was dying to see both Warcraft and Independence Day: Resurgence, films that I had little interest in tracking down. Let me begin with Warcraft.

Though it was certainly not a great film by any standard, it did prove to be surprisingly entertaining at times. Filled with some interesting special effects orchestrated by Cameron Waldbauer and a pounding musical score, you end up leaving the theater thinking, “Well, it wasn’t a complete waste of time.”

Broken down to its basics, Director Duncan Jones has found a way to combine many of the great elements of The Lord of the Rings series (2001 through 2003) and Avatar (2009). Orks are once again trying to conquer human adversaries, and this results in some human leaders flying on a large bird to floating islands in the sky as they try to seek a better world.

On top of that, the Legend of Moses is thrown into the mix. As peaceful Ork leaders are killed by the functional equivalent of ISIS comrades, they put their child on a small floating raft to send him hopefully to safety down river. If Director Jones has any chance to find financing to make a sequel, he’s going to have to have that child grow up to look like Charleton Heston.