Commentary on Governor Pence and Bathrooms

Men's And Women's Bathroom Signs

The Indianapolis Star’s headline in the May 14th edition read “Pence: State Should Make Guidelines”. When you dare to look behind the Governor’s curtain, you will find him seeking to recreate an Antebellum Southern State where discrimination becomes a Hoosier value.

The history of our country is replete with examples of how the slogan of State’s Rights was used to justify lawful prejudice. Before the Civil War, Southern States sought to exist beyond federal regulations to justify slavery.

While slavery ended in 1865, these same States instituted a new form of discrimination based on segregation and Jim Crow laws. Like Governor Pence, their governors argued that the federal government should stay beyond their State borders.

After segregation ended in 1954, State’s around this country sought to prohibit interracial marriage, something that the Supreme Court brought to an end in 1967. State governors next turned their ire on banning gays from marrying. Again, it took the federal government in the form of the Supreme Court to end discrimination justified as State guidelines.

What Governor Pence is now trying to do is treat transgender students in the same ugly fashion that he and his predecessors previously aimed at African Americans and homosexuals. If these elected officials are so concerned about safety in our bathrooms, why were they silent when Catholic priests, a Penn State football coach and the former Republican Speaker of the House were assaulting young boys for decades?

Care to respond, Governor?