Hardcore Henry

What if the special effects involved the viewer as a participant?

Hardcore HenryThough Hardcore Henry is one of the most violent films you are likely to see on the big screen, it is done in a unique style that captures your attention from the beginning. In a sense the viewer becomes a participant in a TV video game.

The plot is simple, as you follow a lead character whose face you never see. Half man and half mutant, he ends up on the vengeful warpath to stop the world from being destroyed by a Russian madman (Danila Kozlovsky).

Along the way he is assisted by a character known as Jimmy, a guy who literally can transform himself to avoid death. Played by the wonderful South African actor Sharlto Copley, it is worth remembering him from the Oscar nominated film District 9 (2009).

The film’s strength comes from the fact that you literally become the avenging angel, as Director Llya Naishuller has placed the camera on the actor so that you feel that you are actually leaping from large balconies and walking over thin rails hundreds of feet in the air. It is a unique piece of film work, and the movie deserves to be seen for that reason alone.