Commentary on Racism

As a long time criminal defense lawyer and movie reviewer, it is clear that some films shine their camera on the shortcomings of our modern society.  Given the recent explosion of racial unrest in this country, it is important to signal out last year’s Dear White People.  Directed by Justin Simien, it tells the story of a fictionalized Ivy League school where a fraternity sponsoring a major party has everyone appear in “black face.”

This film came to mind as I watched the racist chants by members of a fraternity in Oklahoma and the disgusting operation of the criminal justice system in Ferguson, Missouri.  Just as in Dear White People it is evident that racism continues to permeate our society, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Additionally, while we recently praised Martin Luther King’s march in Selma, we continue to ignore the role that racism plays with many of those vehemently criticizing our first black President, Mr. Obama.  While Democrats are largely afraid to say anything, when is the last time you heard any Republican leader, most of whom are white males, assert that anyone opposing President Obama on the basis of race is excluded from their party!  Their silence is both deafening and revealing.

Regardless of the reason, try and tell me that the Republican Party hasn’t given safe haven to those who oppose Obama based on nothing more than racial motivation.  More to the point, if the Republican Party remotely cared about eliminating racism in this country, don’t you think that one of their spokesmen would have taken the time to raise this issue during the first 6 years of Obama’s Presidency?

During the closing credits for Dear White People, the audience was treated to actual pictures from several universities throughout the South who recently held “black face parties”.  I couldn’t help but feel that all of these students come from Republican families that detest Obama.  I wonder why?