Letter to the Editor
Indianapolis Star

Dear Editor:

Why does it seem that many so-called conservatives in this country have become profoundly confused while dealing with the concept of “chicks.” While they invoke our First Amendment freedom of speech rights in defending Chik-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy’s opposition to gay marriage, they had no hesitation bitterly criticizing the statement by a member of the Dixie Chicks several years ago.

As many of you will recall, Natalie Maines, the lead singer of the Chicks, made a short anti-President Bush comment to a crowd in London. Specifically, she was appalled, like many, with the decision to lead our country into the Iraqi War.

In response, a massive conservative movement in this country effectively banned them from radio, particularly the stations playing country music. Despite the fact that the Chicks were then the most popular music group in the country, massive conservative anger nearly led to their complete disappearance.

More to the point, the Dixie Chicks were only making a political statement, something that you see repeatedly every day by comments from conservatives concerning President Obama. On the other hand, Chik-fil-A has now effectively endorsed a program that denies the freedom to marry to homosexuals who also happen to be Americans. It is appalling that so many conservatives in this country readily forgot the First Amendment when it came to the Dixie Chicks but now conveniently wrap themselves in it while they defend Mr. Cathy.

At least I now understand the source of the comment, “You’re acting like a chicken with its head cut off.”