Missing Movie Reviews

The theater comes in second when it is gardening season. As most of you already know, I fell off the movie radar screen weeks ago. It wasn’t by accident (no pun intended!), although that is usually the only excuse that will deny me a movie ticket.

Yes, I have been rather preoccupied by some rather involved federal criminal cases, but that sounds like some pathetic excuse, doesn’t it? Additionally, I was back in the hospital where I went through a lengthy shoulder surgery to repair some damaged tendons from last year’s motorcycle fiasco, and that has been its own ordeal.

However, I knew that the surgery was coming, and I also knew that I would end up with my right arm in a sling for at least a month, something that would keep me from my numerous flower gardens. As a result, all of my free time leading up to the surgery was spent in my various perennial gardens, and I must say that I hated missing several movies though I loved the alternative.

While many of you who garden already know this, seldom has there been a Spring and early Summer where flowers have been more beautiful. I had dominating irises of various colors, ranging from brown, black, purple, light blue and yellow. My collection of rose bushes have never blasted through to an early bloom as this year, and it was a complete delight.

Equally important, I have several rather large perennial gardens that loved our casual winter. While the number of plants are too numerous to mention, I have at least 8 different cone flowers beginning to bloom that are complete joys.

In any event, I knew that my surgery would take a shovel out of my hands, and I tried to approach it optimistically with the view that it would get me into the movie theater. That has happened, and I will be sending out some short reviews soon.

Finally, I must also admit that Mo and I decided to turn a spare area into a vegetable garden. I know it sounds idiotic, but it’s great watching 7 tomato plants; 4 pepper plants; and numerous herbs flourish with a little help. I can’t say that I could ever retire and find complete and total solitude with the above-referenced gardening, but it remains an intriguing thought nonetheless.