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I, Tonya

Love her or hate her, just see this film.

The Eagle Huntress

Broken down to its basics, you will not see a better documentary this year.

Queen of Katwe

Do yourself a favor and see this brilliant little movie.

Eddie the Eagle

I’m willing to bet you right now that when you leave the theater you’ll be saying, “You know, I’m glad I saw this film.”


See this film and the Jackie Robinson story reflected in 42 (2013), and tell me why the United States should boycott any Olympics based on racial discrimination.


If the NFL was honest, it would have to hide its head in shame.


Along with Ian McKellen in Mr. Holmes and Michael Caine in the upcoming Youth, Stallone is magnificent as an aging man searching for meaning.


Mountain climbing is profoundly treacherous, which is all the more reason to sit in a theater where you can watch it in safety.

McFarland, USA

This is an Hispanic version of Hoosiers (1986). Both are emotionally powerful films filled with total joy.