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What if courting someone involves an occasional sexual assault? And before answering, guess why this film is dying at the box office.

A Man Called Ove

To paraphrase the theme of Mash, suicide may be painless, but it is life that brings on many changes.

Les Cowboys

The movie definitely had its moments, but it ended up collapsing under its own cinematic weight.

Son of Saul

Magnificent, disturbing films like Son of Saul remind all of us of who we are and how we got here.

Labyrinth of Lies

Condemn the Germans all you want, but would you really want to know if a close relative tortured prisoners at Abu Ghraib during the regrettable Iraqi war?

Goodnight Mommy

If Mommy is really Mommy, why does she continue to approach her twins as if one of them is not there?

The New Girlfriend

This is a tantalizing movie that unfortunately failed to realize its potential.


Assume that the actions of your spouse led you to the door of a crematorium. What if you didn’t know?

The Connection

This is a wonderfully entertaining film that will quickly wrap you around its little finger. And did I mention that the musical score is also sensational?

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