Commentary on Forgiving Student Loans

It is shocking to watch Republican Party Leaders and Fox News demean President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. It is time for middle class Americans to stand up and hold them accountable.

Let me give you an example. Law School graduates who are applying to work as Marion County Public Defenders, a job that pays $60,000 a year, carry an average loan debt between $100,000 to $150,000. How will they ever buy a house and raise a family?

The law schools are clearly responsible for creating this nightmare. What possibly justifies this immense cost of a legal education? Why don’t they emerge from their well-paid financial closet and champion debt reduction on a yearly basis for those graduates’ taking jobs as Deputy Prosecutors and Public Defenders?

But beyond law school are the millions of Americans drowning under the tidal wave of student debt. Allowing these middle- and lower-class Americans to wipe out $10,000 of debt is a gigantic blessing. Think of the great impact on schoolteachers who can financially keep their jobs if the degrading impact of student loan debt can be lifted from their shoulders.

Tragically, the Republican Party has demonstrated that they could care less about these hard-working Americans forced to pay unjustifiably high education costs. As I suggested above, they should be held accountable in November, shouldn’t they?