Commentary on the NFL

Given what has been happening in the NFL, it is hard to pay attention to the entire sport.

Get On Up

“Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” James Brown, 1968.

Magic in the Moonlight

If Woody Allen can continue to work and receive praise in the United States, why can’t Roman Polanski?

The November Man

While this film will likely soon be forgotten, wait until you see Ms. Kurylenko hunted by a vicious female assassin.

A Most Wanted Man

Unless you find dullness to be a virtue, I’d suggest you choose to remember Mr. Hoffman for other reasons.

The Trip to Italy

Good grief, our lads can find laughter walking through the ruins of Pompei. When together they have no shame.

Land Ho!

The Fountain of Youth is found in friendship and travel. The more unnerving, the better.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

If Hardee’s wants to continue with its despicable ads focusing on strippers, then at least hire Frank Miller so that pornography can be done with style.

If I Stay

While the movie is hard to watch given the tragedy, it has its rewards. But be warned that it’s tough to endure.