Woman in Gold

This is a film that makes most lawyers look bad unless you rely on ineptitude as a strength. On the other hand, maybe that would qualify all of us to be Super Lawyers!

While We’re Young

If turning 44 makes you wish you were young, does being 68 make you wish you were 44?

Get Hard

This film is scurrilous, demeaning and socially condemnable. But who can condemn that when it has a few funny moments?

Furious 7

Even if you have to wear a disguise, overcome your doubt and see this surprisingly fine film. Most of you will leave saying, “Who would have thought?”


Though this film has now left the theater here in Indianapolis, I encourage you to make use of antidepressants before watching it at home.

It Follows

Even condoms won’t protect you from this human form of HIV.


Divergent was better than expected while Insurgent is worse than anticipated.

What We Do in the Shadows

While Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead (2004) is a comic classic, this inspiring bit of cinematic lunacy comes in a close second.


Some fables are worth re-telling.  Cinderella is an adult love story masquerading as entertainment for children.