Hector and the Search for Happiness

As you get older, how would you define happiness?

Follow-up Commentary on Charlotte Lucas

I should let the comments of Mrs. Lucas rest, but it is impossible to do so.


Every woman, particularly those fighting to find meaning in this life, should see this film. Robyn Davidson is a modern-day Amelia Earhart.

Commentary on Charlotte Lucas

The inexcusable comments by Charlotte Lucas raises an issue that transcends her fundamental ignorance.

Gone Girl

I went expecting to “praise Caesar”, but he never appeared. You see a lot of Brutus, but even if he was wrongly put on death row, it was hard to care if he… Continue reading

The Equalizer

If we justifiably believe that the beheadings by members of ISIS are barbaric by any standard, then how can Denzel Washington be glorified for similar killings in what is labeled a noble cause?

The Skeleton Twins

This is a film that derives its strength not from comedy, but the emotional connection of disturbed twins. Yet the funny scenes are really, really funny.


Seeing this film is like dating someone that causes you to hate yourself.

The Maze Runner

There are few things more delightful in the cinema than to go expecting very little only to be stunned by a film’s quality.