Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

While few will say they loved this film, most will admit a bit of intrigue.

Commentary on Gun Violence in America

As we are forced to watch gun violence escalate in Indianapolis and around this country, Republicans holding elective office continue to hide behind the Second Amendment.


This extraordinary film is a reminder that it is time that our country give women complete control over their own bodies.

Black Mass

This film demonstrates the downside of our national character.

The Visit

Even if you like horror films, stay away and save yourself.

Commentary on the Attempt by a Certain Right-Wing Columnist to Alter History

Last week’s Indianapolis Star article by Columnist Pete Heck entitled “Revisionism about Columbus misleads students” was shockingly misleading in its own right.


Mountain climbing is profoundly treacherous, which is all the more reason to sit in a theater where you can watch it in safety.

Jimmy’s Hall

When’s the last time you held a lover in your arms and danced with feeling?

A Walk in the Woods

Despite negative reviews, this film should be seen by everyone over 50 or anyone wondering what it will be like at that age.