Commentary by Hammerle

Why haven’t we heard a single word from the NRA or their supporters following the tragic killings in Charleston?

Inside Out

This is a beautiful film of enormous impact. See it, as you will be astonished.

I’ll See You in My Dreams

The title of this enchanting little film reflects the reality of life. Yet our women are a spirited little group that won’t give up.

Jurassic World

The film poses a small, interesting question. What if the U.S. could release velociraptors on enemies like ISIS?

Love & Mercy

The title of this film represents its theme. I’ll take the “Love” any day.


International spies have not been this frenetic and madcap since Peter Sellers died.

The Connection

This is a wonderfully entertaining film that will quickly wrap you around its little finger. And did I mention that the musical score is also sensational?

San Andreas

The fault here does not lie in the stars, but only with those paying admission.

Lambert & Stamp

Want to discover how that “deaf, dumb and blind kid sure played a mean pinball?”