The Finest Hours

The title of this lackluster film does not describe the feeling you are left with when leaving the theater.

Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

Don’t look for humor in this animated world.


This film may qualify as one of the worst movies to be nominated for an Oscar. See it and tell me if you disagree.

Commentary on the Presidential Primaries

Three fundamental questions affecting the everyday life of American citizens are not being discussed to this point in our presidential campaign.

The Hateful Eight

I’m willing to bet that no Oscar nominated actress like Jennifer Jason Leigh has ever spent a film this bloody, bruised and beaten.

Commentary on the Oscars

Most of you movie fans are aware that the Oscars have been taking a hard hit on the issue of diversity. While there is truth to those allegations, there are other matters that… Continue reading

The Revenant

You know how Hugh Glass lived, but do you know how he died? Read Bernard DeVoto’s “Across the Wide Missouri” and find out.


Life confuses everyone in this film. But they are so pedestrian that it’s impossible to care about the outcome.


If the NFL was honest, it would have to hide its head in shame.