As clearly demonstrated with this film, movie making can be a meaningful, powerful force. Put aside your conclusions concerning Edward Snowden and see this documentary.

Big Hero 6

This is a fantastic movie dealing with love, friendship and the true meaning of life. See it.


Maybe I’m a bit emotionally weak, but if you were a single father with a high school daughter, who wouldn’t want Ms. Knightley showing up as a house guest?


Nightcrawler is an utterly disturbing film.  You’re missing nothing unless you want to watch a dipshit win.

Dear White People

Following her ridiculous racist remarks, Charlotte Lucas, of Lucas Oil Stadium, should see this film.

St. Vincent

Last year’s great movie line came from Bruce Dern in Nebraska, “Drinking beer is not drinking.” This year it’s Bill Murray defining the fundamental lesson of life, “You work, you get paid, then… Continue reading


Here is the one thing about Interstellar that I know for sure.  Given that it lasts 2 hours 49 minutes, take a trip to the bathroom before finding a seat.


Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) confronts the tragic story of a man on the downside of life’s Bell Curve. What happens when you become yesterday’s news?

John Wick

Set aside your doubts and see this subversive, highly entertaining film.